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I was born in a village where it takes 4 hours to travel just 40 miles. I started my schooling in a shed where we used to sit on the floor filled with sand. There were hardly 2 teachers who taught me to read, write and basic maths. There is no scope of Computers or Internet at that time (especially at my place….even now !)But the world is changing now(again….. not my place!!) . The Web is changing the way of education. You can now sit in your home and listen to your favorite programming class directly from Harvard university(or any of your favorite one).Geeky Brains Blog is always trying to find informative and useful web content. Now we are introducing you the concept of “Open Online Learning” in order to make education simple and open for all.

open education sources Open Online Universities   making education free on web
Learn from Open learning initiatives

Here is a list of resources which are teaching online without charging a penny.

Udacity : Attend classes from top ranked universities in the world. You can track your progress after signing up (for free!)

Coursera : Coursera has tied up with world class universities to make the quality education available to every one at free of cost.

Khan Academy : A non-profit organisation founded by Salman Khan(not the BollyWood star !!) with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for everyone.

EDX : A beautiful website with wonderful video-classes inside it.

TED Edu : This is from my favorite’s product. Again this has a pretty awesome interface.

Academic Earth : While writing this post I am listening to a class on “Making dynamic websites” by David J. Malan from Harvard University. Why don’t you try this ? There are many other courses also available.

MIT Open cources : Go to topics and explore your favorite filed of study.

Stanford Online : Some good videos on Computer networks and other classes. Register yourself here for free.

Yale University Open Cources : For the physics lovers and other arts fields this site is worth to visit.

Code Academy : This is not a University kind of thing but its all about coding. I have completed 20 sessions on Html within 2 hours without any break. The login page itself says about the website(yeah! it has a beautiful black terminal instead of login prompt)
Course Hero : learn from other people with Study guides, lecture notes and practice problems. More than 7 million study documents are stored here.

Open learning Initiative : This is from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Good to spend some time to learn something here.
With all these Online resources  we can learn what we need at right time at any place(and at any age !)
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[update] : If you want to learn coding online for free then read BEST websites to learn programming for free

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